Blemish-free and healthy skin, maintaining high self-esteem, feeling powerful

I am Anne Guimarães, and I’ve developed the “Skin Peel” method to assist women in achieving blemish-free and healthy skin, boosting their self-esteem. Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of women worldwide, both in-person and online. Whether you’ve tried everything without success to get rid of blemishes or simply desire uniformly healthy skin, I’m here to provide professional guidance. FOTO 1 PAG CAPT 2

Without spots, with spots, without spots, with spots...

It's a cycle that never seems to end and, worse, it can destroy your self-esteem and lead to extreme shame and depression, which ultimately leads to the loss of good relationships, good jobs and even good financial gains.And all this can lead you to believe that you are inferior to the beauty of other women. When in fact what you're lacking is just the self-care with the right method and personalized accompaniment that you need.

Melasma, acne, post-inflammatory spots, freckles, sun spots, intimate spots.

These are blemishes that can ruin the mental health, self-esteem and personal power of many women.It's at this point that you need to understand that, contrary to what many people think, it's not just a product, a peel or a laser that will do the trick, because it won't. In order to get rid of these spots once and for all and control them, you need to understand what their biggest trigger is and treat the root cause, so that you don't have a rebound effect or spend a lot of money on products and cosmetic procedures that don't bring the results you want.

"Where did that spotless, youthful skin from 10-20 years ago go?"

This is the question many women ask themselves in front of the mirror every morning when they wake up tired and with low self-esteem.To align this and combat low self-esteem, you need to invest in yourself, taking care not only of the physical, but also the mental and emotional, because doing so will reflect on your skin, just as it does the other way around.

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About Anne Guimarães.

Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Goiás since 2016;

Holistic Esthetician;

5 years specializing in Melasma and skin blemishes;

Mentor to Esthetician and health professionals;

Integrative Esthetician, I take care not only of the physical, but also the emotional and mental;

Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming;

Plasma Therapist.

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