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The esthetic procedures are destined for

People who seek more self-esteem.

People who like to take care of their beauty.

Women who want to feel more attractive.

People who value their appearance and understand the importance of taking care of their body.

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Research shows that taking care of your beauty provides more

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- Inkless Camouflage

- Plasmalifting

- Skin Peel

People who transformed their self-esteem after treatment

About Anne Guimarães

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With a degree in Industrial Chemistry from UFG, Anne Guimarães fell in love with esthetics when she took a course in eyebrow design. Seeing that this was the path she wanted to follow, she also took a course in esthetics and was certain that her mission was to raise women’s self-esteem and show them their true value. 

She has been working as an esthetician for over three years now. She started her professional career in Brazil, where she attended several clients during a period of one year. After that, she moved to the United States, where she currently lives in the city of Marietta, Georgia, and has gained the respect of many clients with her work.

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