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Research shows that taking care of your beauty raises your self-esteem and you feel more ready for daily challenges

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Skin Peel

It is a method with several protocols and different techniques, which will treat blemishes (Melasma, acne spots, sun spots, post inflammatory and sardines), scars, wrinkles and expression lines, where there is a specific treatment for each case and due to With this specificity in mind, we get results from 15 days onwards, as Anne is a specialist in blemishes, but is also a plasma therapist, she treats the root cause and not just the skin on the outside.

About Anne Guimarães

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Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Goiás since 2016;

Holistic Esthetician;

5 years specializing in Melasma and skin blemishes;

Mentor to Esthetician and health professionals;

Integrative Esthetician, I take care not only of the physical, but also the emotional and mental;

Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming;

Plasma Therapist.

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