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Research shows that taking care of your beauty raises your self-esteem and you feel more ready for daily challenges

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Inkless Camouflage

It is a minimally invasive treatment indicated for white, red, brown, purple stretch marks and scars, where microneedling and organic peeling techniques are performed in association with high concentration active ingredients with nano technology and growth factors that regenerate the dermis (second layer of the skin). skin and collagen production, with significant results in the first session. In addition to improving the texture of stretch marks and scars.

Skin Peel

It is a method with several protocols and different techniques, which will treat blemishes (Melasma, acne spots, sun spots, post inflammatory and sardines), scars, wrinkles and expression lines, where there is a specific treatment for each case and due to With this specificity in mind, we get results from 15 days onwards, as Anne is a specialist in blemishes, but is also a plasma therapist, she treats the root cause and not just the skin on the outside.

About Anne Guimarães

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Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Goiás since 2016;

Holistic Esthetician;

5 years specializing in Melasma and skin blemishes;

Mentor to Esthetician and health professionals;

Integrative Esthetician, I take care not only of the physical, but also the emotional and mental;

Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming;

Plasma Therapist.

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